Trojan Football Takes Conference Lead With 40-20 Senior Night Unbolting of Melba

October 18, 2021
Warm Welcome To Campbell Field By Senior QB and DB, Landon Cheney.

All games are big games for the Trojans. Game number seven against Melba was a 40-20 big game win. The win Friday night was a Senior Night unbolting of a Melba team that was ratcheted down on offense by the Trojan D and counter sunk on defense by the Trojan O.

With the win over Melba, the Trojans now sit alone atop the Western Idaho Conference and remain #1 in 2A Football according to the Power Rankings.

Focus on the Seniors and you’ll see it was their night and they made sure Melba was in the knowt. All of the official stats are not yet in, but suffice to say that Senior #5 Landon Cheney threw and ran for scores, Senior #4 Caleb Johnson caught and ran for scores,and Senior #1 Dane Bradshaw caught and ran for scores. Seniors #9 Simon De jong and Senior #2 Josh Tiersma both were active in the secondary … on both sides of the ball!

Add to those senior performances, #79 Gabriel Bowlin and #76 Cody Greentree trenching in for some of their best defensive line work of the season, providing good pass protection and making a boring offense out of the Melba inside run game. Cody did leave with an undisclosed leg injury. Cody is in our prayers.

Senior #7 Daiden Glenn and #62 Geoffrey Williams contributed on both sides of the ball with Johnson providing another massive hit on a Melba running back who went seeking the edge. Yeah, no.

Junior #3 Muluken Knudsen had a 35 yard TD score on a pass from Cheney before a Melba horse collar forced Luke from the field, not to return. Luke indicated that he’s in great shape, post game.

During Senior Night festivities, the Trojan Nation honored all the seniors mentioned above and #2 Senior Evan Robertson who has been since early in the season with a game-sustained injury.

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